Laser Tattoo Removal

Welcome to the Bath Tattoo Laser Removal Clinic. We are a professional clinic located within Bath’s premier tattoo studio. We offer affordable and competitive prices for tattoo removal whether you are looking to completely remove your tattoo or just lighten it down to allow a better cover up.

In the case of lasering for cover-up purposes, our laser technician works closely with the tattoo artists to reach a level of removal for the best cover-up possible, dependent on your chosen artwork.

We operate a top of the range Nd:Yag laser and technicians have full training and certification from ADL Lasers. There is a dedicated laser suite located on the lower ground floor.

Please feel free to pop into the studio for a free consultation. Prices start at £40 for a small tattoo and rise according to the size of the area to be lasered.

For further info please read our FAQ’s.