After Care

After your tattoo is complete DO NOT remove the cling film until you are at home or in a clean environment where it can be washed.

  • Soak the tattoo in a hot bath for 10 mins and fully clean the area with your finger tips and an antibacterial soap. It will sting for a couple of seconds but that will pass quickly and feel soothing. Make sure there is no soap left on the skin.
  • Leave the area to air dry, don’t use a towel as it may have dirt and dust on.
  • Once its dry spread a thin layer of bepanthen on and evenly spread it using clean finger tips, give it 10 mins to soak into the skin then with a paper towel clean off any excess. There should not be any white from the bepanthen visible.
  • Wrap the area with cling film. Not a bandage or pallet wrap or bandages just cling film and secure it in place with micropore tape.
  • You will need to do this 3 times a day for the first 2 days and nights of healing
    When these days have passed you can remove the cling film permanently.
  • The idea now is to keep the tattoo soft and scab free so keep your bepanthen with you and just apply a little every time you feel it get a little tight or dry.
    It will flake over the next couple of days similar to sunburn, DO NOT PICK THIS, just leave it to come off naturally.
  • Your tattoo should take between a week to three to fully heal visually and under the skin. So NO swimming, tanning and no putting any other cream on the area other then bepanthen in this space of time.
  • If you get any spots on the tattoo while using the bepanthen switch to using palmers cocoa butter, sometimes people do get a small reaction to bepanthen. Don’t panic and do not scratch or pick at any spots if you get them.

​Once you have left the shop its your responsibility to look after your tattoo properly, we can only do so much, so please look after it and follow this aftercare advice. DO NOT listen to friends, other people or so called “tattoo experts” you meet in pubs.

Any problems do not hesitate to contact the shop​.